Race with us

You will need:

An MSUK race license – all you need to know about applying for a race licence is here.

You will need to be a racing member of the 750 Motorclub – see the 750MC contacts page.

View our calendar to pick the dates you want to race. You’ll be able to register and pay the entry fee once your 750MC membership comes through.

If you’re building or hiring a car to race, you or your team need to make sure it corresponds to our regulations (listed below) and take a look in our Classifieds & Benefits section.


The CALM All Porsche Trophy regulations 2021

The new series is open to ALL Porsches of any age or persuasion.

Race format

A mixture of sprint, 20, 40 minute and 60 minute races with a mandatory pit stop plus 20 minute qualifying session.

Great value racing – with the ethos of safe and gentlemanly driving standards.

Entries may be by single drivers or two drivers sharing the same car.

The CALM All Porsche Trophy Series is designed to offer competitors a great deal of freedom in tuning your Porsche whilst at the same time providing a framework that keeps cars competitive and cost effective. The class structure will be organised on a bhp (at flywheel) per tonne, including the driver, basis as follows:


  • SP1 – 240 bhp/tonne
  • SP2 – 200 bhp/tonne
  • SP3 – 180 bhp/tonne
  • SP4 – 145 bhp/tonne
  • SPDA – Cars previously running in the Supersport Boxster Porsche Racing Drivers Championship

Invitation class

Any car not meeting any of the above but deemed a positive entry by the organisers including fully electric driven cars meeting the current MSA regulations.

Proof of power and weight must be lodged with the organisers before an entry can be accepted. All power to weight figures must be self declared and will be monitored and checked through the season.

The organisers reserve the right to adjust a competitor’s class should lap times in qualifying dictate.


All cars must carry forward facing in cockpit cameras and must be switched on at all times when on track, even in qualifying. The SD card must be surrendered upon demand to the stewards of the meeting as evidence of any incident.


The original silhouette is, largely, to be retained from all angles, with the exception of limited production splitters, wings in the SPDA class.

Engine and Transmission

Original engine and gearbox type to be retained, internals are free, but no sequential gearboxes, unless supplied in original road car. ‘Original engine and gearbox type’ means the same engine (block and head) and gearbox as was available from the factory in period.

If fuel-injected, throttle bodies are allowed, fuel-injected cars may run carburettors but not vice-versa. Fuel injection and carburettor type are free.

Suspension & Tyres

Cars may run on any treaded tyres in Motorsport UK list 1A/1B/1C. No slick or rain tyres allowed except for the Birkett 6 hour race

Suspension, shock absorbers, springs arms, links, wishbones are free.

Pit stops

A mandatory pit stop is required during the 40 minute or 60 minute races. The duration of the pitstop will be adjusted according to each individual car’s lap time during qualification providing the time is at least as quick as a a ‘datum’ time provided by the organisers before qualification. The minimum length of the pitstop will be 60 seconds.


Awards are given at each round: Class winners, 2nd, 3rd in each SP class will receive trophies.

All cars must display the correct club stickers as supplied by the club upon registration otherwise they may not be eligible for awards.

Technical rights of the CALM All Porsche Trophy organisers

The organisers have the right to overrule any of the above rules, including moving a car between classes and/or treat any applicant individually as seen fit to help promote and to enhance the series, and to protect and respect the position of all existing competitors.

The organisers welcome all new enquiries but advise all interested parties to contact us before building or purchasing a car so we can help ensure the car is suitable for the series. The organisers also reserve the right to re-classify any car from a meeting that does not comply with the series technical regulations or is not prepared to an acceptable standard. The organisers reserve the right to amend these regulations at any time in the year.