2021 Calendar Announcement

We are happy to announce most of our dates for 2021 – a couple of dates are still to be pinned down.

5th April (Easter Monday): Donington GP circuit with Bernie’s V8s

We will run 2 x 40 minute one- or two-driver races at this 750MC event on the FIA Masters weekend.

9th May: Brands GP circuit with Bernie’s V8s

This is our 3rd year of being invited to join in on this iconic circuit. This single 40-minute event has become an annual favourite, so a maximum grid is inevitable.

18th July: Snetterton 300

A single 40 minute race on Snetterton’s 2.99 mile track with twelve turns and a mixture of technical and fast sections. A great place to stretch your car’s legs.

8th August: Silverstone International circuit with Bernie’s V8s

A single 40 minute race for one- or two-driver on Silverstone’s south circuit running from The Wing.

October 23rd: Birkett Silverstone GP

Over 20 cars have already shown interest in forming 3 car all Porsche teams. This is our 3rd year at the event so we plan to put our experience to the test once again.