Birkett Teams in Preparation

CALM are entering three teams in this year’s Birkett 6-hour relay race at Silverstone, to take place (hopefully) on Silverstone’s historic GP circuit on 24th October.

The 3-car #44 “CALM Boxster Boys” consist of Jamie Callender and Jayson Flegg (sharing at car), Ed Hayes, Andrew Porter – all cars being 986s.

Then we have the #43 “CALM Inbetweeners”: Angus Archer and Kevin Ludford both in 986 Boxsters and Dan Gick in the fastest and best prepared 924 in the country (so says the car’s owner).

And #11 “CALM 4Pots” have John Jones in his own 924 (well prepared but not as good as Philips, he says), Clayton and Ed Sampson (father and son) in a 968 Sport – a beautiful white one, winner of best turned out at Brands last month – and Adam and Jack Egar (also father and son) plus Lee Birkett all sharing a blue and silver 968 set up by Unique – they achieved their first podium last time out.

The Birkett – dating back to the late 1940s – is a traditional end-of-season race for the 750 Motor Club and features teams of between three and six drivers, and between three and six cars, competing in a unique relay race format. There are trophies for both over ‘Scratch’ winners, for completing the highest number of laps, but also for the more hotly-contested ‘Handicap Victory’, which in theory could be won by any of the teams.

Photo, blatantly stolen from Rick Matthews, shows Porsche entries from 2019 where Rick was mad enough to stay on the pit wall in wet and freezing conditions for the entire race – “genuinely the wettest and coldest I think I’ve ever been in my life”, he said recently. This year the team managers will be John Broadley, Karl Rossin and Roger Hirst, with a positive plethora of other CALM drivers, family and friends helping out.